A Duality– The Store

As a child we dream of going to a toy store to pick out a toy with our friends and family. We hope for a favorite toy for Christmas, our birthday, or just for fun. It is not frowned upon to have many toys, but is rather unusual — often considered sad —  if a child does not have a toy at all.

However, it seems children more commonly push themselves further away from their childhood toys to adult remedies. By the time a young boy or girl is five years old he/she can turn on a computer or video gaming device, and navigate through his/her favorite game. Why is it that the sudden push towards technology leads us from simple teddy bears? Instead of reaching for a toy truck, we reach for a game controller to shoot guns or throw punches.

This leap into adulthood seems more likely than not in modern society.  Are today’s youth being robbed of their innocence? Or are we somehow encouraging children to become adults at an earlier age to prod individual responsibility?

Yet, as a child leaves his/her toys behind, what is there to turn to?

An adult toy store?

Most commonly known as a porn/smut store, an adult toy store is most often taboo. The name itself leaves a negative taste in the mouth with even more negative conotations in the mind. But why as an adult can we not experience toys — even if they do have a completely different context for one’s life?

With these images of a toy store and an adult toy store, I intend to question this transition from child to adult, and the taboos that follow. Is there a clear line between child and adult in modern society, or have those portions of our lives started to fade together?

Deedra Baker 2009

Deedra Baker 2009

Deedra Baker 2009



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