The Pattern Lolls

As the end of my first semester as a photography graduate student at Texas Woman’s University comes to an end, I have a new body of work I would like to share. The work is titled The Pattern Lolls. Please see below to view my artist statement and select images from the series.

The Pattern Lolls

Identity is constructed and revealed through one’s social connections and is an existential absolute. The Pattern Lolls uses photography to explore themes of female identity and sexuality through the genre of self-portraiture. It takes a close look at the feminine character and sensuality as they are constructed and manipulated by relationships, self, and society.

This series stems from the feelings of displacement as a woman in her mid-twenties. As one grows into adulthood, one embarks on an independent journey of self-acceptance and understanding, thus concerns and questions regarding identity and self are ever-present. Expressions of muliebrity are used to challenge the innate female capacity for dependence, empathy, and nurturance. The Pattern Lolls explores notions of fragility, hesitancy, and sensitive intensity through staged, articulated images.

© Deedra Baker 2013

Unfamiliar Self

© Deedra Baker 2013

Tousled Displacement

© Deedra Baker 2013

Confined Independence

© Deedra Baker 2013

Breasted Roles


Linear Femininity

© Deedra Baker 2013

Vined Identity

© Deedra Baker 2013

Inverted Autonomy

© Deedra Baker 2013

Pale Lineation

© Deedra Baker 2013
Obscured Selfhood

© Deedra Baker 2013


Deedra Baker 2013


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