New Work | Explores Notions of Innocence

This project explores notions of innocence and coming of age through the photographing of a preteen. My niece is photographed to symbolize my personal experiences, as well as to provide a universal character for all females who have and will experience the transformation of self through puberty.

Feelings of displacement and quiet struggles permeate my adult life. Through a rural, sheltered upbringing there was a frequent battle between innocence and reality. This body of work explores the loss of innocence through the depiction of an adolescent sitter. She stands in as a metaphor for myself, an anxiety-filled child and adult. The photographs are made on my parents’ property in rural Kansas and depict experiences, memories, and symbolic truths.

© Deedra Baker 2014
Elizabeth Reclines

© Deedra Baker 2014
She Weeps  

© Deedra Baker

© Deedra Baker 2014

© Deedra Baker 2014
Elizabeth Swings

Deedra Baker 2014


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