Ties that Bind Sneak Peak and Print Sale!

SkatesintheMulberries_9957lrSkates in the Mulberries, 2014
6″ x 9″, Edition of 20

Ties that Bind sneak peak and print sale!

I am having a print sale to raise funds for the final execution of my Master of Fine Arts Exhibition that opens April 25, 2016. Six photographic prints from my body of work Ties that Bind are available to purchase. Each image is 6″ x 9″ printed on 8.5″ x 11″ archival, premium luster inkjet paper. The prints are signed in an edition of 20 for $50.00 each. This is a 50% discount! All proceeds will go towards paper, printing / mounting, framing, an exhibition catalog, and promotional materials.

Visit my website to make a purchase: http://deedrabaker.virb.com/print-sale

Everyone who purchases a print from this sale will receive an exhibition postcard, as well.
Thank you for all of your support!

Please scroll down to read more about the body of work and the exhibition. 

A Light Dusting, 2015
6″ x 9″, Edition of 20

Katelyn and Her Horse, 2016
6″ x 9″, Edition of 20

MothersTrinkets_5617lrMother’s Trinkets, 2015
6″ x 9″, Edition of 20

MomsCollegeSeniorPortrait_5884lrMom’s Senior College Portrait, 2016
6″ x 9″, Edition of 20

YellowandGreen_9742lrYellow and Green, 2014
6″ x 9″, Edition of 20


Through portraits, environmental still lifes, and landscapes, Ties that Bind explores the interconnectedness between my mother, three sisters, two nieces, and myself. The project examines ways that our identities interweave and manifest as a result of experiences together at our family home in rural Kansas. Inspired by Patricia Kline’s statement that “For most of us our identities are very much tied to where we grew up,” environmental still life and landscape images made within my family’s house and land reflect the visceral connection between we females and our land, home, and familial keepsakes and objects.

Intimate portraits capture the emotional, experiential, and physical bond found between we women. In her curatorial statement Not My Family Values, for an Art Photo Index Exhibition, Dr. Rebecca Senf states, “Family is at the heart of how we identify ourselves.” For the females within my immediate family and myself, the experiential and historical bond centered around the idea of a homeplace (and the belief that family traditions can only occur in that place, while among family and its keepsakes) greatly influences and informs our identities. Ties that Bind explores this idea through a visual investigation of we women in the family, objects within the house, the surrounding land, and family archives and traditions.

My MFA exhibition featuring this project will consist of approximately 20 framed, color photographic still images at 20” x 28” and 24” x 34”. A color video will be approximately one to three minutes in length and projected from an elevated digital projector onto the gallery wall at a larger than life scale. The video will play on a continuous loop. A one-of-a-kind artist’s book will be 8” x 10” in scale and will be comprised of seven individual pamphlet stitched books housed in a slipcase. Each individual book will have approximately 10 – 14 pages.

Deedra Baker, 2016


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