An Invitation

An Invitation

This photographic project takes a voyeuristic approach to self-portraiture. The images explore the levels of voyeurism beyond a blatant sexual approach to capture vulnerable, intimate moments. These moments are ones in which I would normally be alone—moments that even a significant other, family member, or close friend would not experience with me. No one notices these domestic acts on a daily basis. The photographs are taken in my home. It is a private setting in which I am inviting the viewer to examine my life in a personal manner. I am using a Holga, a medium format toy camera, with color film to create this series. The Holga allows for interesting vignettes, selective focus, blurring, and light leaks. The nature of the camera along with unique angles and camera obstructions creates the illusion of a hidden camera.

I am interested in my physical and psychological states. Within this series I focus more on my physicality — body image, sexuality, and beauty. The scenes are awkward, mundane, or everyday events that I am elevating to moments worthy of someone’s gaze. As we go about our day we often watch the people around us, and are likewise watched. We are all voyeurs. How often are we more interested in the lives of those around us rather than our own? Through contemporary society’s reality TV, hidden camera driven lives, I question what is truly the reality. Through this body of work I am investigating the notion of being self-aware. As I have entered my twenties, I have become cognizant of my own physical presence as a female. By making a series of intimate self-portraits, I attempt to gain insight from the reaction I receive from the viewer as I invite him/her to become a voyeur of my life. I seek pleasure from the response of the viewer, wondering if he/she finds the photographs interesting, attractive, or brave.

Deedra Baker                                                                                                                                          2010

Deedra Baker 2010


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