2014 Art Department Alumni Exhibition – Mulvane Art Museum

Washburn University Art Department Alumni

August 22 – October 19, 2014
Reception, September 5, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Mulvane Art Museum
17th & Jewell Streets
Topeka, KS

© Deedra Baker 2014

Deedra Baker
Lazy Bench Virtue, 2014
Archival Inkjet Print, 12″x18″

Participating artists include:
 Avery Ayers-Berry, Deedra Baker, Timothy Baller, Jason Berryman, Daniel Coburn, Cassandra Cohen, June Melody Duncan, Carol Emert, Laura Engelhardt, Randall Exon, Erika Kjorlie Geery, Carrie Jo Gros, Maria Guzman, Michael Hager, Robert Chester Haggard III, Eleanor Heimbaugh, Kymm Hughes, Robin Hutchinson, Joseph Keehn, Cally Krallman, Ashley Jane Laird, Garrett M. Larson, Jennifer Lutz-Michael, Jake Marshall, Gweneth McClain, Alissa Menke, Michael Mize, Maria Raquel Morales, Beth Neuer, Patricia Nobo, KyoungHwa Oh, Sara O’Keeffe, Tom Parker, Larry Peters, Beverly Dodge Radefeld, Kristopher Roberts, Judith Sabatini, Jennifer Somers, Joyce Cowan Shupe, Katerina Strakhova, Andrew Valdivia, Barbara Waterman-Peters, Lynn Wilson, Carol Yoho, Kathleen O’Toole Zimmerman.

Contact the Mulvane Art Museum Directly:
Mulvane Art Museum
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS  66621


“Voyeur: Repositioning the Gaze” Documented

I had the pleasure of attending the Curator’s Talk, Opening Reception, and Artists’ Panel for the exhibition, “Voyeur: Repositioning the Gaze.” The exhibit was held in the Truman State University Art Gallery at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. It was an extraordinary gallery space. My fellow artists in the show presented creative and interesting voyeuristic work. Voyeurism in contemporary society is expressed in a variety of ways – with a variety of meanings. Brandelyn Dillaway, curator for the show, illustrated this idea through the bodies of work selected. One artist photographed images of residents in a retirement home as she peeped through the window. While another artist explored self-objectification through a voyeuristic approach.

The artists who exhibited work were Deedra BakerWafaa BilalDaniel CoburnRobert Ladislas DerrGina GenisNate Larson & Marni Shindelman (who collaborated on a project), Freja Mitchell, and Thinh Nguyen. The mediums included photography and videography.

Deedra Baker 2012

“An Invitation” by Deedra Baker featured in “Voyeur: Repositioning the Gaze” exhibition

 Select images from “An Invitation” by Deedra Baker

The University Art Gallery at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, is holding the exhibition “Voyeur: Repositioning the Gaze,” curated by Brandelyn Dillaway, the 2010 Truman Curatorial Fellow. The show opens January 17th, with a curator’s talk at 4:30 pm and reception at 6:00 pm. There will be an artist’s panel at noon on January 18th for the artists available to attend.

The following artists will be represented in the show:                                            Deedra Baker                                                                                                                               Wafaa Bilal                                                                                                                                        Dan Coburn                                                                                                                                   Robert Ladislas Derr                                                                                                                        Gina Genis                                                                                                                                          Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman                                                                                     Freja Mitchell                                                                                                                                 Thinh Nguyen

For more information concerning the gallery, visit: www.tsugallery.org.